Beautiful Kinkade Christmas Villages

The California landscape painter Thomas Kinkade is some as the greatest artist of the United States. Others recognized at the sight of millions of kitsch images reproduced the sheer horror. Kinkade described himself as the most collected artist in the nation. With reproductions of his ideal world images he made a fortune. The painter should have a year with his works, which were sold in franchise galleries, shopping malls, cable TV and online.

This is what the world of Thomas Kinkade. Thatched cottages can be found nestled in picturesque areas, small wooden bridges over streams with banks, which are lined with pastel-colored flowers. In autumn and spring the vegetation explodes in color fireworks. In winter snow than soft cotton blanket over the world, a church greets in the background and out of windows villas glows invitingly warm glow, the proverbial “Kinkade Glow” (“Kinkade Glow”).

The heart-warming glow from inside the house was nothing but the light of Jesus, used the professing Christian to say. However, one can gain a closer look reveals the impression that the dream homes stood inside in flames. A deferred inscrutability seems to hide behind the sweet facade. Kinkade fairy houses were probably “Falling for Hansel and Gretel,” said one critic.

One of my favorite pieces of Thomas Kinkade’s would probably be the “Christmas Evening” piece. The picture is painted on a Christmas evening, and it is of a welcoming cottage topped with snow. As you look at the cottage in the painting, it is like you are looking at “home,” you feel peace as you are viewing this picture. It will bring you comfort, like many of the other works of art by Kinkade.

Now the artist is only 54 years, died at his home in Los Gatos, California – a natural death, as announced by his family. His fans wanted the painter who died via Twitter that he should go to a heaven in the Kinkade style.