Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Christmas then you should look at Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village. The receiver of this gift will love you forever. This little village has everything a collector wants in a Christmas. It also looks quite charming sitting beside your Christmas tree.

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village is a miniature that captures the amazing details of Mr. Kinkade’s artwork perfectly. This village collection shows the buildings and landscape in minute detail. There are more to the collection than just the village such as Christmas tree, village train and a Christmas village wreath. They have amazing little hand painted sculptures that can be moved around to create your own look of winter scenes of ice skaters, skiers, and individuals.

The Kinkade’s collectible village, train, wreath, and tree are a popular item for Christmas gifts. They put off a remarkable charm and show the details with the soft, natural lighting.  The hand crafted villages are a work of art all by themselves. They illustrate Mr. Kinkade artwork to the very inch of his paintings. This Christmas collection is worth collecting for your very own Christmas decorations. They are limited in the editions, so don’t wait too long to decide when to purchase the beginnings of your collection.

Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Village Christmas Set

Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Village Christmas Set


Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village Centerpiece With Lights, Music and Train


Illuminated Thomas Kinkade Light Up The Season Bridge With Music


Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village Set With Singing Carolers


Thomas Kinkade Musical Village With Moving Santa And Reindeer


Thomas Kinkade Sparkles of the Season Musical Animated Village

You can set it up under your Christmas tree or any place in your house. The Christmas house has a story your kids can listen to as they watch the ice skaters skate around. The light gives a happy glow for a Christmas cheer. You can collect all of the pieces and create your own holiday traditions. You can also grace your home with a Kinkade’s collectible village and have fun decorating your home for the holiday season.

Start by adding one piece a day until Christmas morning and you can have the whole collection. The excitement will build as you add a new piece to your Kinkade Collection. Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village is a wonderful way to create a holiday you and your family will remember for years to come.